propick picking cart

Material Handling Powered Solutions


SmartPWR Technology

Our SmartPWR Technology represents the next generation of powered material handling solutions. SmartPWR reimagines how your organization handles and moves the products your customers need and does so while bringing new levels of safety and productivity to your operations. From the ergonomic controls and customized speed to the high-capacity batteries and numerous safety features, SmartPWR is the smart way to power your material handling operations.

  • The lightweight zero-turn maneuverability makes controlling the cart a breeze, and easy to navigate around tight corners.
  • An open concept allows for easy and efficient picking from either side.
  • With its powerful motor, operators are able to move
    750 lbs. with ease.
  • Highly versatile by being able to move various types of materials: totes for picking orders, larger packages, or heavier items.
  • The long battery life allows operators to go a full shift without having to recharge.
  • Controls for the picking cart are at the touch of your fingers with comfortable and ergonomic handles.
  • LED Status Bar:Communicates fault codes, and informs the
    operator of battery level and power status.
  • Operator Presence Sensors:Automatically stops the cart from moving forward if someone is standing in the way
  • Preset Speeds:Ensures operator maintains safe and
    productive speeds while picking.
  • Approach Lights:You will find lights on both the front and
    rear to identify when the cart is approaching.
  • Dual-Button Reverse:Confirms the operator is positioned
    correctly, and facing the right direction.
  • Limp Power Mode:Once the battery reaches a low-power threshold, the motor slows down indicating to the operator to return the cart to its charger.
  • Audible Alarm:Provides an audible alert to identify when the cart is being used in reverse.

Load Capacity:750 lbs.
Speed Settings:Two forward speeds, one reverse. Preset speeds set by supervisor
Casters:4 Swivel; 2 Drive
Caster Size:5” x 1.25”
Caster Type:Phenolic
电池容量:58 Ah (100 hour rates per mfg)
Battery Charger:DELTA-Q (650W, 24VDC, ~27A)
Finish:Powder coated black


SmartPWR Technology delivers an instant productivity boost to your material handling situations. The cart’s impressive power effortlessly moves loads of more than 750-pounds at the push of a button. Pair it’s power with the effortless control and you’ll see how your team will get more done in less time.


The cart’s design offers the best of both worlds: high capacity and excellent operator visibility. It offers the perfect combination for multi-order picking while remaining easily to maneuver through your facility. Ergonomic features like easy-grip handles, push-button functionality, and clear sightlines make it easy to get the work done quickly and comfortably.


SmartPWR places safety at the forefront to help protect your most important asset – your employees. SmartPWR alerts others by featuring visual and audible alerts. Additionally, SmartPWR includes an operator presence sensor which prevents the cart from moving forward if someone is standing in the way.


Your work lasts all day, your cart should as well. SmartPWR features a high-capacity, 58Ah battery pack delivering enough power for you to get more than a shift’s worth of work done on one charge. And, SmartPWR features a high quality battery charger capable of intelligently charging the batteries for longer life between replacements.

With a User- Friendly design

The new ProPick Picking Cart with SmartPWR Technology is a complete order-picking solution that meets your unique business challenges. Whether you need to move heavy loads, or pick multiple orders at one time the cart’s versatility will make any job easier.

Comfort for cart operators was a key focus for our design engineers. They loaded this cart with several convenient and comfortable features:

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Controls at the touch of your fingers
  • Lightweight zero-turn maneuverability

The addition of SmartPWR technology to our ProPick picking cart allows users to make light work of the heaviest loads with its powerful features and user-friendly design.

And unmatched Operator Safety

保持你的团队安全的同时保持高的标准ls of productivity is the goal of every organization. That’s why Cannon Equipment placed such a strong emphasis on safety when developing the ProPick Series Picking Cart with SmartPWR Technology. We made sure that every element of the design was ergonomically sound, all controls are user-friendly and safety features like:

  • Operator presence sensor
  • Preset speeds
  • Blue approach lights
  • Audible alerts